AXD 20th Anniversary Celebration

2020-09-18 17:49:03 
October 29, 2019, the AXD 20th Anniversary Celebration Party was held at Shangri-La Hotel, Futian District, Shenzhen. The company’s chairman Yang Shaobo, general manager Yang Jianlan, company leaders, distributors from all over the country, domestic and foreign customers, all employees of the company, relatives and friends of the chairman, nearly 600 people attended the celebration party. We gathered in Shangri-La Hotel, gathered together in gratitude and dreams, and shared the joy and excitement of the 20th anniversary of Xundao.

The anniversary celebration kicked off with a magnificent opening drum, and the tidy and shocking drums filled with the ambitions of all the informants. The sound of the drums is loud and powerful, indicating that Xundao is in its youthful vitality, and the graceful dance on the main drum is the best interpretation of Xundao's bright future.

New start, new journey
The company’s Chairman Yang Shaobo and General manager Yang Jianlan delivered speeches: Xundao has been in business for 20 years, and has gone through 20 years of ups and downs. In the course of 20 years of history, Xundao people have experienced many trials and learned how to learn and grow in competition. In the future, we must not forget our original aspirations and keep our mission in mind. The twenty years of Xundao’s arduous start-up have passed. Now, we have a solid foundation and accumulated strong strength. We will take today as a new starting point. Set sail again.

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