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Speaker cable
Model No. Name Conductor (mm) Jacket
XD-8100 AUDIO CABLE 18/4 42/0.16CCA
InsulatorPVC ID2.4  4core ; PET belt
Grey PVC
XD-8101 AUDIO CABLE 16/4 65/0.16CCA
InsulatorPVC ID2.5  4core ; PET belt
Grey PVC
XD-8102 AUDIO CABLE 14/4 105/0.16CCA
InsulatorPVC ID3.5  4core ; PET belt
Grey PVC
XD-8103 AUDIO CABLE 12/4 168/0.16CCA
InsulatorPVC ID4.4  4core ; PET bel
Grey PVC
XD-8027 Speaker cable 2x0.5mm2 34/0.08x3(BC/TC) Transparent PVC
XD-8028 Speaker cable 2x0.5mm2 50/0.08x3(BC/TC) Transparent PVC
XD-8029 Speaker cable 2x1.0mm2 67/0.08x3(BC/TC) Transparent PVC
XD-8031 Speaker cable  2x2.0mm2 134/0.08x3(BC/TC) Transparent PVC
XD-8032 Speaker cable 2x2.5mm2 167/0.08x3(BC/TC) Transparent PVC
XD-9033 Speaker cable 2x3.0mm2 200/0.08x3(BC/TC) Transparent PVC
XD-8043 Speaker cable  2x4.0mm2 114/0.08x7(BC/TC) Transparent PVC
XD-8044 Speak cable 2x6.0mm2 172/0.08x3(BC/TC) Transparent PVC
XD-6020 Twin Flat 2x0.3mm2 16/0.15(BC) Red and Black PVC
XD-6022 Twin Flat 2x0.75mm2 28/0.15(BC) Red and Black PVC
XD-6023 Twin Flat) 2x1.0mm2 32/0.2(BC) Red and Black PVC
XD-6025 Twin Flat 2x2.5mm2 78/0.2(BC) Red and Black PVC

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